About us


Ewoud Frielink

I love speed and finding the limit in what is possible. First in my go-kart racing period and now in the world of fashion/retail e-commerce. Driven by a commercial mindset, I love to connect business with IT and explore the endless possibilities to achieve growth. In the past 10 years I’ve been working different roles and industries in e-commerce, managed small- and enterprise projects on client-side and for agencies. With that experience I became an e-commerce generalist with the skillset of a specialist working for clients like Omoda. I like to work efficient, pragmatic and can be both a strategical thinker as a hands-ons guys that just makes the job done.

Sometimes - those few minutes I’m not online - you’ll find me accompanied with friends in good restaurants, festivals, cycling or on a race track when I need again... speed. 

Key qualities

  • E-commerce Management

  • Product Owner e-Commerce

  • Managing (re)platform projects

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Salesforce Multi Cloud Architectures

  • Technical SEO consultancy


Floor Broer van Dijk

I love working on e-commerce content. But not only that, I love structure and efficiency. In my way of working and in the customer’s journey. After working at adidas for 4 years and building an e-commerce department at CLUSE, I decided it was time to use all the e-commerce knowledge I gained. As a freelancer I started helping companies with their platform launch or migration. For CLUSE and McGregor I worked closely together with the implementation agency to define the requirements and design of their new webshops on Shopify. I made a project planning, set timelines, created and executed a content strategy and set up processes and trainings on how to work efficiently with content.

When I’m not behind my laptop, you can find me on a slope snowboarding, on the beach with a camera, walking a borrowed dog or trying something new. Think restaurants, bars & festivals, rock climbing, surfing, kickboxing and crossfit (addicted now, oops!).

Key qualities

  • E-commerce content strategies

  • Content briefing processes

  • E-commerce customer journies

  • Product owner E-commerce content

  • Content analysis


Mikael Torres

I am passionate about engineering e-commerce websites. I have ample experience with all the elements of the e-commerce world, from establishing back-end systems for Denham the Jeanmaker, to product data and front-end development for LaDress. I love to be at the forefront of e-commerce innovation and want to provide tailor-made, creative, no-nonsense solutions to those who want to push the limits of what is possible in e-com.

Half Venezuelan, half French, living in the Netherlands for more than 7 years, married to an Austrian. I am a truly international person and I thrive in multi-cultural environments. A life long of practicing Karate both on high-level competition and teaching, has made me who I am: dedicated, humble yet fearless.

Key qualities

  • Product Owner E-commerce

  • Product Data Management

  • Technical Architect

  • A/B Tests

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud


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