McGregor New York: another happy customer on Shopify Plus

“McGregor is back with a brand new online store! Over the next weeks we’ll be adding stock. Classic McGregor, yet unmistakably now: Anchored in the Classics.

We start with Outerwear & Sweaters; with spring in the air, you could be dealing with rain or shine. Got caught out during an unexpected cold snap? Now is when that brand new sweater might come in very handy. You’re welcome!”

This is the message McGregor shared with the world when they launched a new webshop last week. This new website is build on Shopify and Floor helped the McGregor team with the development of the website, and the set up of content & a content management process.

We’re very proud of the result and are happy to continue with helping them with their development road map.

Go to to see the result and to get yourself a new sweater!

Screenshot of the McGregor New York website right after they launched.

McGregor New York website

Property of McGregor.

Mikael Torres